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Reece Building Consultants

Construction Consultants & Project managers

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Professional, Precise, Independent

With a range of building services

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what we do Our Services

Reece Building Consultants provide specialist construction consultancy and project management. Our aim is to deliver our services to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

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Project Management

Our goal is to deliver projects to the complete satisfaction of our Clients. We understand that the requirements for the delivery of each project are unique and that the ability to adapt is essential. We provide flexible and innovative solutions specific to each project to ensure our client’s expectations are fully met.

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who we work with our Clients

These are just some of the Clients we work with.

Corstorphine Baptist Community Trust has been working with Reece Building Consultants since 2014. Michael and Stefan have been able to provide comprehensive pre purchase inspections at short notice which has been invaluable in a highly competitive market. We contracted them to complete residential maintenance surveys on our properties within these reports they provide a priority maintenance summary so we can set our property maintenance for present and future years.

Barb Long
CEO, Corstorphine Baptist Community Trust

We have used Reece Building Consultants and Stefan Box for preparing our Ministry 10 year property plans and as our school project manager. Stefan provides clear management and guidance with an attention to detail and understanding of the changing needs of schools and Ministry requirements. He provides a responsive service, is patient and has good communication skills. Stefan liaises well with our school staff, ensuring there is clear understanding of project requirements, time frames and contractor expectations. Stefan ensures all our school projects run smoothly and without issue.

Verity Harlick
Principal, Maori Hill School

We have been working with Reece Consultants for two years and have found them to be extremely satisfactory to work with. Stefan is knowledgeable, efficient, and solution focused. He is approachable, honest and extremely capable. I would not be without him!

Jen Rodgers
Principal, St Clair School

Thanks to Stefan Box for his outstanding project management at Balmacewen Intermediate. Stefan provides professional advice and support across a range of property needs and is always right on the mark in delivering excellent results!

Andrew Hunter
Principal, Balmacewen Intermediate

We have worked with Stefan for a number of years on various school projects and we value our relationship with him. Stefan has always been available, responsive to requests and understanding of our school environment and needs

Gary Pasco
Principal, Roxburgh Area School

I have used Reece Building Consultants for a number of years now. Michael and Stefan have assisted me regularly with their comprehensive property inspections and high quality reporting, whether I am buying, selling or simply maintaining my investment properties. I rely on their experience, qualifications, attention to detail and good service to help me keep my properties in top order and I can recommend them with absolute confidence to anyone working with property.

Steve Randle
Randle Enterprises Ltd

I have used this company for many years, both for the inspection of all my investment properties as well as for the inspection of my new home which was purchased recently. Michael Reece is a very experience consultant and always does a thorough job of singling out particular issues whilst recommending the appropriate fix; his reports are always delivered timely. I would recommend his service to anybody.

是一家值得信赖的专业房屋评估顾问公司。 我一直以来都選用這家公司,负责检驗以及評估本人所有的商业投资房屋,包括我们家近期成功买下的新家。 該公司的頋問Michael具有丰富经验及細心周密的工作态度,总能敏锐地让雇主及时发现房屋存在的关键问题,并会付予最专业的建议和相关有效补救措施。他的报告也总是专业及高效率。 我真心实意向身边好友和所有有需求的朋友们推荐我的房屋評估顾問-Michael from Reece Building Consultants Ltd.

L Sew Hoy