Make Sure you sort your Pre-purchase & Building Surveys

Make an informed maintenance decision when buying your next property

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What are the benefits?

For most of us, purchasing a property will be the largest investment we make. Our pre-purchase inspection service provides our clients with the confidence that the property they a purchasing is a sound investment. For existing owners, our condition surveys provide our clients with the information required to ensure their buildings are well maintained whilst protecting their asset.

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What is Involved?

Our pre-purchase reports and condition surveys not only highlight the potential shortcomings of a building, but also detail likely lifespans for elements and their condition. Information included in the final report covers everything from the general structure and cladding, right through to the condition of fencing and footpaths.

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We offer a range of services from Inspections through to project management” to “We offer a range of construction consultancy services including project management, building surveying and weathertightness assessments.


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Project Management

Our goal is to deliver projects to the complete satisfaction of our Clients. We understand that the requirements for the delivery of each project are unique and that the ability to adapt is essential. We provide flexible and innovative solutions specific to each project to ensure our client’s expectations are fully met.

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Building Surveying

Weathertightness issues are a key factor for any building - both old and new. Our Registered Building Surveyors can provide detailed reports on the core issues together with remediation recommendations.

Historic Building

Certification & Historic Applications

We understand that not all building work undertaken to your property is necessarily recorded on the Council files. Whether this be inherited as part of a purchase or as a result of miscommunication, we can assist with obtaining a Certificate of Acceptance or producing a Safe & Sanitary report for the work.

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